Annual General Meeting

25 February 2019

So, you’ve marched in the processions, you’ve enjoyed the display and you love Our Night. But there’s that little something you’d like the Society to improve. Well, here’s your chance.

At the Annual General Meeting starting at 7:45pm at St Mary's Supporters Club on 25th February we will make all the important decisions: We will vote in the Officers and Committee members, decide upon the procession routes, what plans there are for the year, which charity to support, which Society outmeetings we would like to attend, including the Fifth. Every member has an equal say, so if you feel like you want to make a contribution, come along and join us and be an integral part of this community.

And if that doesn’t tempt you, it’s only over the road from the Nevill estate and the drinks are some of the cheapest in town!

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Annual General Meeting