Membership is now available by downloading and completing the following membership form.

Your completed form should be sent to our membership secretary Alternatively, you can attend Badge Night or our Membership Evening in September and October.

If you're new to Bonfire, welcome to a strong and welcoming community. Bonfire is never about just one night and we're keen for new members to get involved no matter your skills or experience.

At Nevill Juvenile we're keen to promote and teach members, both young and old, the art of torch-making, building set pieces, getting involved in building and painting the tableaux and effigy.

As a new member, the other thing to think about is a costume. Our merchandise team sell smugglers jumpers and costumes. If you want to march with your friends and family then it makes sense being in the same costume. Alternatively, rather than buying a costume, you can get into the real spirit of Bonfire and make your own!