What is a Juvenile Society?

So what sets a juvenile society apart from other bonfire societies?
Nevill Juvenile is the only juvenile bonfire society, although we welcome members of all ages. The Society was started by a group of young friends and, at its heart, continues to encourage younger members to participate in all aspects of the Society. From taking part in the processions to helping out with torch-making, set pieces, building the effigy and tableau.
In an age where we all, both young and old, have access to so much at our fingertips without ever leaving the home, Nevill Juvenile look to counter this. We encourage our members to get outdoors and do something creative and distinct, learn important skills, and help maintain this long tradition whilst being relevant today.
If you want to help out, learn an important set of skills and be a part of a close knit yet welcoming community then get in touch. We are here to support the Bonfire Boys and Girls of tomorrow. We are here to ensure Bonfire has a great future.
Why? Because We Dare.